Manga Read Along: Seimaden Vol. 3 – Titillating Torture

Spoiler ahoy! The previous installments are gathered for easy browsing in the archive.

In the last volume the demons came to town and were welcomed with open arms by the sadistic Lord Berk. While Laures was busy saving Hilda from becoming the serial killer aristocrat’s next victim, Hilda’s other suitor has been busy saving the townspeople from rampaging demons. He is becoming a beloved folk hero and the ghost of Marka (in the body of Rabby) is transforming their gratitude into almost cult-like religious fervor by declaring Rod is a holy savior.

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Manga Read Along: Seimaden Vol. 2 – Caught in a Bad Romance

I’m going to spoil everything on this out of print early 90’s “classic”. Need the run down of the first volume. You can find all the Seimaden read alongs in the archive.

In the first volume we met our three main characters and learn something of the convoluted connection between them. We have Laures the demon king (Lawful evil) who wants to be loved by Hilda but he stole her memories of how he killed her people and kidnapped her away from her boyfriend. He has a vague idea that he won’t get what he wants until he comes clean with what happened but he won’t because the truth is really ugly and fails to paint him a flattering light. We have Roddrick the hero (Lawful Good) who also wants Hilda’s love and to kill Laures for all the bad deeds he did in the past. He tells Hilda the truth, that Laures is an unclean monster who wiped away her identity for a chance to get in her pants, only for her not believe him.

But Hilda (Neutral Good) is biggest mess of them all. She only vaguely knows what she wants and will end up the chew toy stuck between these two men. She wants to recover her lost memories and she might sort-of kind-of want Laures too (because he’s a mysterious bad boy). She has reasons to have big misgivings about him, but like all romance heroines determined to prove that their hearts are pure, she ignores all the red flags he’s throwing up.

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Manga Read Along: Seimaden Vol. 1 – Every Girl Wants a Bad Boy

This is a soap opera in sword and sorcery drag. There is amnesia, long lost lovers, people with secret identities, and impossible love-triangles where passion and spite move the lovers to extremes. Every couple of pages you can just imagine a cheesy organ blare as some new revelation comes to light.

Our story starts with Hilda, an amnesiac dancer, shaking her money-maker inside a tavern. Her beauty snags the eye of the local rich boy, the unfortunately name Kuckle, but the other gents who frequent the place warn him not to make a move on her. She’s under the protection of a powerful patron so no one dares to treat her roughly. Kuckle, being a soft and cowardly lad, backs down, but then a rough looking rando gets handsy with her in the middle of her routine.

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Manga Read Along: Seimaden – Introduction

When I first started Manga Read Along I wanted to focus on titles whose day in the spot came and went without setting the world on fire. I think I picked a really obscure one for this go around. Seimaden by You Higuri is a ten volume fantasy romance originally published in 1994. It was picked up by CMX (D.C. Comic’s long defunct manga imprint) and English volumes were released between 2005 and 2007.

Seimaden (the only possible translation could find for the title is “Tall Tale of the Demon Prince”) is a melodramatic-as-all-hell fantasy yarn. It this story, a young woman falls in love with a dashing hero destined to slay the evil demon king that’s terrorizing the land. However, the demon king kidnaps her and erases her memory of ever meeting the young hero so he has a shot at wooing her.

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