Manga Read Along: Tail of the Moon Vol. 10 – Naked Ninjas

I’m back, but probably not for long. I’ve just come off the release of my sixth novel, which took far too long to produce, and I need to put my nose to the grindstone and step up to get my next book, Cutlass!: A Sci-Fi Space Pirate Romance out there if I’m going to keep to the publication schedule I set in my head for the year. But I’ll keep blogging until it becomes too much again because I know you’re dying to know what happens next to Usagi Not-Yobimjo, the most incompetent ninja there ever was.

As always spoilers. Earlier read alongs are collected in the archive for easy navigation.

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The Wisdom of Fools Out Now

I made it through yet another new release. You’ve all been waiting for the Wisdom of Fools, the first Tales of Remnas novel in nine months. I’ve been spending the time making this fifth installment in my high fantasy romance series as good (and as sexy) as can be and I think you’re patience will be rewarded.

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Blog Hiatus or These Deadlines are Killing Me!

Hey, loyal readers! I’m hustling to get The Wisdom of Fools ready for publication and keeping to schedule on this one has just been….pffffffffff! Because I don’t need the added stress of blogging three times a week right while I’m burning the midnight oil get the final round of edits and formatting done (especially since I have yet another separate version to do for Google Play), I am going on a two week hiatus.

I’ll be back in mid-May with more ninja-tastic Tail of Moon Manga Read Alongs, shameless self promotion Wednesdays and Dining in Memphis/Miscellaneous Fridays.

Dining in Memphis – Urban Fusion Asian Bistro

Spicy Rice-y!

Welcome to a new series where I highlight some of the best restaurants in the greater Memphis area. Urban Fusion Asian Bistro is a little gem of a place that I stumbled on by accident. Located off Exeter Road in Germantown, its quiet, classy and has possibly the best sushi menu in Memphis.

The sushi selection has many good choices. Favorites include the Sweet Potato Roll, the spicy Crazy Crab Roll and the aptly named Fantastic Roll. This twelve piece masterpiece of taste and presentation is the first roll that I’ve ever come across that uses lobster. Wrapped up in a distinctive pink nori, it also contains mango to give it some tropical sweetness while the wasabi mayo spread artfully across the top provides a touch of heat that makes the tongue tingle pleasantly without reaching the level of mouth burning spiciness. This and the sweet potato roll, sweet potato tempura sushi garnished with a sweet soy sauce, are the ones I keep coming to again and again.

There is another lobster-based roll on the menu (the Lobster Tempura Roll) which tastes perfectly fine but just lacks the distinct and memorably character of the Fantastic roll.

The Fantastic Roll with its pink nori wrapper

The spicy pineapple fried rice is another treasure on the menu. With its adjustable heat level, this beautiful golden rice dish can be handled by lovers of spice as well as people with more delicate stomachs. I always get it mild or heat level 1 and find that the spice gives it enough of a delectable kick to warm the tongue without starting a fire in your mouth.

The fried rice can be served with your choice of meat (chicken, beef or shrimp) or without. Crunchy carrots and sweet onions along with the tangy pineapple add to the symphony of flavors. I consider this a must have dish that get every time I go.


Guess What? I’m Now on Google Play

I’m so happy to announce that last week Google approved my application to start publishing at the Google Play Store. All my stuff is available there now. For some reason, The Forest God’s Bride, When the Crow Smiles and Flower on the River have a small markdown off the standard price. Don’t know why that happened but that’s good for you bargain hunters out there.

Check out Vivi’s books at Google Play

As always, Flower Among the Ashes is free at all major e-tailers of fine digital books and Google Play is no exception.

Manga Read Along: Tail of the Moon Vol. 9 – The Great Escape

Spoilers ahead. As always, earlier volumes of this read along are collected in the archive.

In the last volume, the fate of the Iga ninjas ended up in Usagi’s hands after she undertook a perilous undercover mission that landed her in the heart of Lord Oda’s stronghold. After Oda’s page, Ranmaru, figured out her true identity, he toyed with her like a cat with a mouse, but Usagi cooked up a clever plan to put sleeping potion in everyone’s tea and escape. However, just when she gets cornered by samurai, Hanzo appears to rescue her.

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How to Write a (Great?) Novel

  1. Have strange yet brilliant idea while performing mundane task
  2. Ferment idea so it expands like fungal growth
  3. Write story outline
  4. Start writing, convinced that this time you’ve captured lightning in a bottle
  5. By chapter three begin oscillating between cautious optimism and existential despair
  6. Keep at it!
  7. Finish and feel really satisfied until you remember the hard part has just begun
  8. Edit. Prune away the unnecessary bits so the good parts can shine.
  9. Edit some more. Realize on the second pass that everything is terrible.
  10. More editing. Feel better about it on the third or fourth draft. Or maybe it needs one more round of rewrites. Last one I swear!
  11. Get ready to shop or publish it

Manga Read Along: Tail of the Moon Vol. 8 – Tom Clancy’s Ninja Cell

We’re at the halfway point of this ninja-riffic tale! As always, this read along contains spoilers. You can find the earlier volumes and all the other series I’ve done these recaps for collected in the archive.

When we last left our heroes, Hanzo and Usagi had infiltrated Oda Nobunaga’s castle while posing as a married samurai couple. After doing some recon, they were getting ready to leave when they ended up with a thorny problem when Ranmaru, Oda’s page, offered to accompany them back to their ‘home province.’ They can’t refuse without arousing suspicion but if they go through with the ruse, their identities may be exposed.

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