Flower on the River Reminder (It’s coming Soon)

I am neck deep in the editing process for Flower on the River, polishing this stone until it sparkles. My team is on target for hit our 9/4/17 release date. I’ve always thought that the final phase of editing process is the true test of if you have a good book or not. If you can go through the same manuscript three or more times in a row and come back not hating it with every fiber of being, even if your eyeballs are bleeding from reading so closely, you know you have something good.

And I think Flower on the River is something good. To celebrate Flower on the River’s release, I will discount all the prior books in the Remnas series (Flower Among the Ashes, Flower in the Gale and When the Crow Smiles) at least 50% during the first week. More details to come but this will be some of the series’ best pricing ever.

Won’t you take one more look at that beautiful cover?

river with lily final ebook cover actual size 6-27-17


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