Reflections on Remnas #1: Flower Among the Ashes

I wrote this essay to introduce my book at the Summer Time Lovin’ Book Giveaway event and I thought I’d repost it here:


Hello, I’m Genevieve St-Yves and most of you are likely meeting me for the first time. I write The Tales of Remnas fantasy romance series or, as Tiffany likes to call it, (ultra hot) ogre porn. I started writing this years ago with the idea that I would write a series that was epic in scope. A multi-generational saga that took place over the course of at least one hundred years, I wanted it to follow the lives and loves of several key characters each pursuing their own goals. Not only would the series be full of plenty of adventure, with epic battles and daring-do, but the romances be larger than life as well (with plenty of salacious details).

With that in mind, I wrote four novels of a planned ten volume series over the course of about three years. At the time, I had no clear idea what I would be doing with them, and kept forging ahead to get to the next one. Then quite out of the blue, a doctor told me around this time last year that I could be facing cancer. That’s when I got my act together and decided to publish the first novel, Flower Among the Ashes. Literally, the day it was published on Amazon I underwent surgery after which the doctor told me I was going to live. A first novel is very special. For me that goes double because the book saved my sanity during a very dark existential moment.

In Flower Among the Ashes, you will meet Arshé, the main heroine whose journey forms the heart and soul of the Remnas series. She is born into a noble elven family and should be on course for a life of ease. One thing stands in her way- her identical twin sister. According to elven superstition, one twin is effectively a doppleganger, a Lesser Twin, a spirit of misfortune that will bring ruin to everyone around her if she remains unchecked. Her devastated parents decide that they can’t risk destroying their daughter and send the girls away to each be raised by a separate trusted surrogate. In time, they believe they should be able to distinguish the ‘real’ child from the Lesser Twin, and they can send the other into exile. That means a probable death for an elf as they are an isolated race. They go to great lengths to not mix with the other people of Remnas. Arshé is a taciturn wallflower and her sister Lenarsh is charismatic and vivacious. Further complicating her situation is that they both possess the power of foresight. Unfortunately, Arshé can’t see anything but disaster and misfortune while Lenarsh can accurately predict good fortune.

In her first big hard knock, Arshé gets the boot but she learns to survive on her own. Things start to look up for a while when she has a chance encounter with a handsome ogre named Ravik. Normally, this would be the point where things turn around and a heroine finds herself on the road to her happily ever after. Arshé certainly thinks she’s found someone who loves her, but she is a babe in the woods when it comes to relationships. While her time with Ravik gains her some friends and teaches her how to use her  foresight cleverly, she misses the subtle and not-so-subtle signs that Ravik is a bad boyfriend. When the relationship starts to go bad, it goes very, very bad.

Arshé is alone again, pegged for a crime she didn’t commit and hunted for the price on her head. In her darkest hour, an ogre mercenary called Rekki the Black appears and becomes her unlikely defender. Arshé gets swept up in Rekki’s quest to retrieve the missing pieces of a suit of leather armor that has special significance to the ogre clans of the Wildlands. However, her power of foresight is not the only reason Rekki wants her near his side. When he was born an old foreseer predicted that he would become king of the ogres, uniting the clans of the Wildlands and the warring kingdoms along the three great rivers of Remnas. Every king needs a queen at his side and he believes Arshé is that woman. She’s been disillusioned one time too many and it just might be Rekki’s greatest feat to win her reluctant heart.


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