Flower on the River Cover Reveal and Release Information

I am finally ready to announce information for Flower on the River (The Tales of Remnas Book 4). The Kindle e-book will be available September 4th with the print book trailing by a few weeks.

Synopsis is below the cover image.

river with lily final ebook cover actual size 6-27-17

All Hail the King!

After uniting the warring ogre clans of the Wildlands, Rekki the Black with Arshé at his side seizes Doranell. The common people welcome their new king with open arms instead of resistance. The volatile and war-torn Riverlands country desires peace and prosperity after many years of neglect and they believe Rekki, known as the Good King, can give it to them. As the royal couple strives to merge the country into their empire, Arshé, an elven woman, faces her greatest challenge. She must win the respect of its hostile court. Her future depends on establishing herself as a power in her own right in a place where women are only vessels for continuing the ogre bloodlines.

Enemies Lurk in the Shadows

Rekki rides for the border to battle a stronghold of those loyal to Doranell’s former ruling line. Soon after, Arshé discovers a dark conspiracy within the palace. Traitors scheme to deliver the capital city into the hands of the heir of the fallen king. It’s too late to stop them, and she’s caught in its snare. To save her life and make plans to recover the palace and the capital, she must leave the new monarchy to the conspirators intent on destroying it. With no way to get word to Rekki, the fate of the nation rides on her small shoulders. Will Arshé return in time to repel the invading army that expects to find the city gates flung wide in welcome? With the battle to save the country looming ahead, the bards will sing of Arshé either as a tragic queen or a hero whose exploits are remembered throughout the ages.



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