Introducing the ‘Vivi Writes Newsletters’ Email List

Let me tell you a little story about procrastination. Once upon a time, I signed up for a MailChimp account and did nothing with it for several months. I’m bad enough about coming up with stuff for my other media channels. I’m ‘Vivi Writes Books’ not ‘Vivi Writes Social Media.’ Well, I’ve finally gotten over my intimidation with learning how to set it up and integrate my mailing list with everything and today I am ready to launch it to the public.

I’ve been brain storming new things for the blog in the hopes for bring more content at regular intervals so hopefully that will get rolling within the next month. Not all of it will be book related so the newsletter will be at least monthly round-up of what’s going on with my projects. Subscribers will get a first look at any news relating to upcoming releases before it hits my other channels. I plan to keep mailings to no more than twice a month.

The sign-up form can be found in either of the header on the main page of my blog, on the side-bar of my author’s Facebook page or through this direct link. I should have more details concerning Flower on the River in the first mailing in early July.


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