Has It Really Been Six Months Since My Surgery?

As I was looking at my calendar earlier this week, marking down how many days I had left to finish editing and formatting When the Crow Smiles, I realized that I was closing in on a significant anniversary. Today is the last day of April 2017. In late October of last year, I underwent surgery to remove a 3 centimeter growth of my thyroid that was slowly strangling me. It’s been six months since my doctor said the magical words, “No evidence of malignant cells in the mass.” Six months since my continued existence was no longer in question.

It was a huge shock to the system to undergo a cancer scare at 31. I’d like to think that I have a new lease on life. After all, as I was waiting in that hellish limbo of not knowing if I was sick like a cancer plagued Schrodinger’s cat, I finally got up the gumption to finally do something with the stories I’d written. My first novel Flower Among the Ashes debuted in the Kindle store on the morning I went under the knife.

What else have I done in the last six months?

  1. I finished a novel the second half of a novel I had to table for fourth months due to health issues. As I get handle on what is a reasonable turn-around time is for a novel, this will most likely be my first release in 2018.
  2. I wrote two novel length first drafts to be edited later. I feel like you ultimately get a better product if you put at least six months of distance between yourself and a project before you circle back around to it. There have been things I thought were flaming dumpster fires while I wrote them that I honestly couldn’t figure out why I thought it was bad when I came back to it later.
  3. I published two sequels to Flower Among the Ashes. I think When the Crow Smiles might be my masterpiece. I think I will be hard pressed to write anything even half this good ever again.
  4. I started learning German. There is no reason for this. I just woke up one day and decided to do it.

What’s Next?

  1. Tales of Remnas Book 4, Flower on the River will be going out for beta soon so I can get a feel for how extensive the re-writing is doing to be. The cycle of editing never ends. Finish one. Start on the next.
  2. I have a stack of books that I am overdue to read so I am going to try to cut through my backlog. I promised myself at New Year’s I wouldn’t continue to buy books I didn’t have time to read and so far, I’ve failed to keep the TBR pile at a manageable level. Time to catch up with my favorites!
  3. It’s time to begin outlining the next Tales of Remnas book. Time to once again start the journey of a million words by taking a bunch of vague ideas and creating some way for them all to work together. To build the skeleton, so to say, before you start hanging the meat on it.

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