Flower Among the Ashes Discount Special

To celebrate the release of When the Crow Smiles, the first two Tales of Remnas novels are going to be discounted from 5/1/17 to 5/7/17. There has never been a better time to jump in or catch up. The first book, Flower Among the Ashes, will be $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store during this time. As always, Kindle Unlimited readers can read for free with their subscription.

In Flower Among the Ashes, Arshé, a future-seeing elven woman, must navigate the ups and downs of destiny and learn that fate is what you make of it. During her tumultuous early life she goes from high-born lady to beggar to gangster’s woman and then outlaw on the run. Desperate, disillusioned, and sick of the concept of destiny itself, Arshé crosses paths with Rekki the Black, a handsome ogre mercenary with an affinity for prophecy. A prophetess foretold that he would one day he would unite his people’s warring factions and become King of the Ogres. First he needs to win glory upon his name by carrying out great deeds and finding the queen that will one day rule at his side. Rekki is on a mission from his clan chief to recover the four pieces of a legendary armor scattered across Remnas. He believes that Arshé is the woman prophesized to be his queen and that her talents are the key to completing his quest. Arshé has been burnt by love before and winning her reluctant heart might be the most impossible task of all.


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