The Crow is Smiling Because It Was Released Early

When the Crow Smiles has made it through the final approval process and hit the Kindle store earlier today. It is now on sale at Amazon and you can purchase it here.


The Weight of Honor

As captain of the elite guard, the Blue Coats, Lord Sigrund Talrun believes no price is too high to pay in service to the elven King of the Summerlands. Then his liege demands he do the unthinkable to prove his loyalty. Racked with doubt and guilt, Sigrund attempts to bolster his crumbling resolve. He takes on a mission to capture the realm’s most notorious traitor, a woman who is both his mortal enemy and his secret obsession.

The Price of Betrayal

Caska the Ghastly Smile devotes herself to freeing her people, the Dark Elves, from the yoke of slavery. Once a shadow agent for the Crown, she uses her unique skills to incite discord among the citizenry. The first stage of her plot has come to fruition. The Kingdom is teetering on the edge of civil war. There is little time for the charged game of cat and mouse she finds herself embroiled in with the handsome soldier. Their conflicted emotions of attraction and murderous intent reach the boiling point, but they must rely on each other to survive when plunged into a world of anarchy. A heart can’t endure when divided against itself. He will have to choose between the King he has sacrificed everything for and Caska who offers the chance at redemption he covets.


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