The Crow Flies Monday

I’m poking my head up to remind everyone that When the Crow Smiles should be available Monday, 5/1/17, with the print edition to follow by about two weeks. My editor and I have been pouring over the manuscript for the last couple of days hunting for formatting issues and stray typos.

When I began writing this series many years ago, from the first book I always envisioned the Tales of Remnas as a sweeping epic that follows several characters with differing agendas as the story moves across a timeline spanning over one hundred years and two generations. A lot is already going on in the fantastical continent of Remnas with Rekki and Arshé embarking on the monumental task of reuniting the ogre territories under a single ruler.

When the Crow Smiles focuses on Arshé’s brother, Sigrund, the Summerlands teeters on the brink of total collapse. The aristocracy has turned against the elven king and the dark elves, a race enslaved since time immemorial, revolt against their masters. Tasked with capturing the architect behind the slave revolt, Sigrund is the only man who can return order to the realm, but over the course of the journey, his loyalty to the king is strained to the breaking point as Sigrund’s family sides against King Ranarth. Will he chose to the save the kingdom or will he side with the rebel slave Caska the Ghastly Smile and give the realm the final push it needs to collapse?

To celebrate its release I will have special pricing on the prior novels in the series, Flower Among the Ashes and Flower in the Gale, as well as a Goodreads giveaway. More details on Monday after the price drops go into effect.


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