We Have a Release Date for Flower in the Gale

My team is putting the finishing touches on Flower in the Gale’s manuscript and cover design. Now that we are finally in the home stretch I can give you a firm release date. The Kindle version will go live by Valentine’s day 2/14/17 because there is no better time to release a story about love and war! The print version will trail by a two or three weeks.

Here is the synopsis:

Triumphant Homecoming

After overcoming impossible odds, Rekki the Black and Arshé return to the homeland of the ogres with an incomparable treasure.  While the return of the legendary armor of the Tyrant King is greeted by many as proof of the truth behind Rekki’s destiny, heralded at birth to unite his people as King of the Ogres, there are many who fear the fulfillment of the prophecy – among them Ragnar, the mighty chief of his clan. While tensions mount and factions form, Arshé must navigate this perilous new society and use her powers of foresight to keep them both alive. As Rekki comes closer to fulfilling his fated purpose, he threatens the power structure of the ogres. Lines are drawn in the sand as the powerful declare they will go to any lengths to stop him.

The Path to Power

The Wildlands plunge into a war with ever shifting alliances, and Rekki is forced to make decisions that strain his sense of righteousness to the limit. As he struggles to balance justice against the survival of his clan, the tides of war slowly turn against him. Cornered on all sides, Arshé must carry out the task she was born to perform – to transform Rekki not only into a king but also a legend.


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