Mythology of Remnas #2- The Elves

In ancient times, when the land of Remnas was still young, long forgotten gods descended from heaven to the earth. When their feet touched the ground, the land beneath their feet was sanctified, blessed to never know famine, strife or winter, and made rich in silver and other minerals. This country of the gods come to earth was later known as the Summerlands.

The land was beautiful, all rolling hills and verdant forests, but it was empty, save for the gentle animals that dwelled there. With the gods being so few, they grew bored with only their own company so they decided to create a perfect race of men. The gods had seen the folly of the Seed Tribe, their greed, deception, rebelliousness and violent ways, and banished them from their realm. Using the silver ore in soil, the gods created the Elvenfolk to be everything the Seedmen were not: peaceful, wise, moral and rational.

The gods lived among the elves, teaching the young race as a parent raises a child. The first lesson was to obey the words of the gods without question. All social harmony flowed from following each holy decree. The gods decided what actions were forbidden and what actions were good, giving them law. The gods judged the elves, determining what role each would fulfill in society so that no elf was without purpose and place. Most importantly, the gods elevated their most favored families, giving them dominion over the masses. These houses, given formal rank on par with their innate nobility, were the most beloved of the gods as they were granted the privilege and responsibility of making sure the holy edicts were kept and social harmony preserved.

One house was chosen to rule them all as the family most favored and closest to the gods. It was given the name Feavion and endowed with an otherworldly beauty so any who gazed upon them might know they carried divine favor. With the unblemished skin of a pearl, silver hair and luminous eyes, the Feavions were supported by five other powerful families, a supreme king and his most loyal vassals.

The gods were pleased. Their elves had learned all they had to teach them and the time had finally come for parent and child to part ways. Their final edict was to obey their king as they once obeyed the gods. With that, the gods ascended once again into the heavens. Shortly after, elven miners discovered five man sized chunks of silver that produced a strange, musical resonance. The elves knew not the purpose of these Sacred Silvers, only that they were a gift left behind by their godly fathers. Great shrines were erected to house the singing silvers.

As the Elvenfolk could not serve two masters, the first Feavion king ordered all written documents from the time the gods had lived among them destroyed for the king’s will was now absolute. There could no room to allow conflict between the teachings of the gods and decrees of the king. The elves obeyed, consigning their divine parents to only a minute reference in their otherwise obsessively detailed histories.

Forgetting their gods was ultimately what their holy parents wanted. So the kings decreed and so the elves believed. It served them well enough. Through the eons and ages, the kings of House Feavion ruled the Summerlands, ensuring that everything and everyone stayed in its place, neither rising nor falling. There was no strife but there was no progress. The kingdom remained as eternal and unchanging as it was from the day the first Feavion took the throne.

There were some who boldly suggested that perhaps the Elvenfolk had stagnated, living lives isolated from the rest of Remnas while kingdoms rose and fell beyond their borders, but they were quickly shown the foolishness of such an opinion. The kingdom of the elves was perfect and there was no room for change.

So it was on the first day, so it shall be until the last day.

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