Mythology of Remnas #1- The Seed Tribe and the First Age

The continent of Remnas is marked by dynamism and change. The Ages of Remnas are denoted by the rise and fall of the tribes of men. The first peoples of Remnas were the elves of the Summerlands and the Seed Tribe.

The ancient Seed Tribe was a primitive people for most of their history. They were believed to be nomadic hunter gatherers that followed the migration of the smaller animals they hunted for food. They were also war-like in nature and deeply territorial. Each small nomadic band fought any other group they saw as rivals for land, water and game. Life for the Seed Tribe was often harsh and short. Not only did they have to worry about death at the hands of a rival clan, but they were considered easy prey by the great beasts of the First Age. Vicious creatures roamed Remnas, great in size and diversity and possessed of a god-like strength. When they walked, the earth shook.

Over the generations, the smaller bands of Seedmen joined together, forming progressively larger communities. Making up in numbers what they lacked in strength, the Seedmen grew adept at hunting the great beasts that they once feared. At first, the hunts were merely for self-defense, to rid themselves of aggressive predators. Soon the Seedmen discovered that the blood and meat of the great beasts was charged with the mystic energy that flowed through the land and by devouring them they gained a powerful surge of vigor. The great beasts learned to fear and avoid the Seedmen, but it was a lesson learned too late. The Seedmen now hunted them out of greed for the power their flesh bestowed.

As the Seedmen ascended to apex predators, their society became ever larger and more complex. They settled down and founded permanent settlements, learned the arts of agriculture and metalworking, and developed a rudimentary system of numbers and letters that formed the precursors to Remnese, the modern shared language of Remnas. The continued consumption of the mystically enriched blood and meat of the great beasts further enhanced their strength and intelligence.

Eons passed and the Seedmen continued to stalk and kill the great beasts. Once the herds and packs of these creatures were plentiful, but eventually, their numbers dwindled until a Seedman could go his whole life without ever spotting one from a distance. Determined hunters had to travel into some of the most inhospitable and hard to reach places on the continent to find their quarry. As the creatures they once feared faded into the realm of legend, the Seedmen began to change physically. Generations upon generations of ingesting the meat of the great beasts slowly altered the appearance of the tribes, making them more beast-like and endowing them with powers on par with the gods themselves.

In time, the Seedmen were no more. Their children, the dwarves, the ogres, the beastmen, and the Magefolk inherited Remnas as their own.

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