Manga Read Along: Seimaden Vol. 7 – Rage Against the Machine

You okay with spoilers? Good, because I’m talking about everything that happens. Missed a read along? I have all the ones for Seimaden and Red River in the archive.

I must be a sad sack of a human being because just when I’ve started to enjoy Seimaden something kept bothering me. Now I have to go picking at those scabs and closely examining the paper-thin fantasy soap opera plotline. Is the whole thing going to fall apart now?

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Manga Read Along: Seimaden Vol. 6 – Unbreak My Heart

Spoilers ahead. Need the read alongs for the previous volumes? They are handily collected in the archive.

Seimaden ended its first half on a high note. Volume six begins the second half of the series. Can it keep up its precarious balancing act and keep from devolving into the melodramatic mess it began as? Let’s find out.

In the last volume, Zadei and Tetius were pulled into an alternate dimension, Rod escaped the castle with Hilda, but Laures’s fate was left ambiguous. As it turns out, he managed to get through the passage leading back to the demon world by the skin of teeth. It took all his strength and he’s rescued by a spunky demoness out riding a chicken-dragon-thing.

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Manga Read Along: Seimaden Vol. 5 – Alas Poor Yorick!

You want spoilers? Good, because I have all of them. You can check out the summaries for the first four volumes in the archive.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen – we are at the halfway point of Seimaden. It’s been a bumpy ride, but in the last two volumes it’s been threatening to turn into series that might actually be a little better than decent. Seimaden had several major issues that hold it back.

First, is the tepid love story between Hilda and Laures – two people attracted to each for god knows why. Hilda digs Laures because… he’s handsome, I guess, despite the fact that he erased her memories and kidnapped her from her boyfriend. Laures loves Hilda because she’s the reincarnation of his old girlfriend. At least, he claims to love her, but he rarely acts like it outside his moody monologues. I guess because if he acted like he cared about stuff he wouldn’t be cool any more.

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Flash Fiction: His Greatest Sympathies

“It’s bad, Neil. This is the worst trouble I’ve ever been in. If I can’t come up with the money, it’ll ruin me.”

Neil sat behind his desk, puffing on his pipe, as Milton rattled off the details of his situation. His face remained neutral as he listened.

Milton pleaded, “All I need is small loan of $5,000 to keep the bank from taking everything. Surely, you can scrounge up that much for an old friend.”

Neil’s mouth quirked as he gave his pipe one last puff before removing it from between his lips. The ring of smoke rose slowly in the air. “Think back, Milton. Years ago I was in the same situation as you are now. I know how it feels to realize that ground you build your life on has turned into quicksand and its about swallow up everything.”

He propped his elbows on the mirror-like surface on the desk and leaned forward. “I will give you the same thing you gave me when I came begging for help back then. My thoughts and prayers. And it’s a good thing that those aren’t worth a pitcher of hot piss because my thoughts are full of evil glee and my prayers are that you end up penniless in a ditch.”

Manga Read Along: Seimaden Vol. 4 – The Princess is in Another Castle

Spoilers, I got ‘em here. Earlier volumes are collected in the archive.

Pigs are flying. I said the last volume was not completely awful. Can the trend continue now that we finally have a plot to give this vaguely medieval mess some narrative focus? Let’s find out!

Lord Berk is sorely regretting his decision to hand his castle over to the demons. He thought they’d just have fun murdering stuff together but now his body is slowly being twisted by demonic energy. Soon he will be a hideous demon. His henchwoman, Zizi, promises to murder the demons for tricking him.

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Last Days for The Tales of Remnas in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited readers, this is a reminder that the first three books in The Tales of Remnas series will be leaving the program soon. The dates listed below are the last days that you can read free of charge as part of your monthly subscription. You may want to bump these up on your reading list.

Flower Among the Ashes – January 19th

Flower in the Gale – February 4th

When the Crow Smiles – January 23rd