TGIF NSWF: Hellraiser/ The Hell Bound Heart Rewritten as Trashy Kindle Romance Blurb

This post is not safe for work. Please enjoy responsibly.

Happy first day of fall. As Spirit Halloween costume stores spring up across the land like autumn pumpkin patches, let’s get a jump start of our annual season of horror and frights. This week I’m doing Clive Barker’s novella/ gorn-tastic movie series Hellraiser or The Hell Bound Heart.

This one was a  reader request. You know who you are, ya weirdo. Congratulations on hitting your Facebook milestone.

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Manga Read Along: Red River Vol. 13 – Bleeding Heart

Spoilers, spoilers, oh my stars and garters, there are spoilers. Need the prior volume commentaries? Check the archives.

Well, here we are in the first volume after Kail’s attempted rape of Yuri. I think my tolerance of this plot point was a lot greater back during its first release because A) there was a three month lag between volumes that made it easier to forget about, and B) that particular plot point has gone down the rabbit hole in the story to not remind you of what just went down. It’s like Shinohara decided quickly after she wrote that part that she probably shouldn’t have and in this volume, where Kail and Yuri are separated by the two-pronged war against Arzawa and Egypt, she makes up for it by making Yuri totally bad-ass.

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TGIF NSFW: Twilight Re-Imagined as Trashy Kindle Vampire Romance Blurb

This post is not safe for work. Please enjoy responsibly.

Ah, Twilight. The YA vampire series that tapped into the tween girl id and roped in their moms by turning vampirism into a tortured metaphor for abstinence. It’s in equal parts loved and reviled.

Some people loved it so much that they Rule 34ed it and started writing internet porn about it. The most famous of them all is the BDSM novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Now its time to complete the circle and re-imagine Twilight in the vein of its most famous homage.

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I Need a Moment to be Tacky

Hello, Friends and Readers.

I need a moment to be tacky. I have to ask you to do something for me and every author you enjoy. I’ve already asked you’ve given up time and money to read my work. I appreciate all book lovers because book people are the best kind of people.

I need to ask you to rate and review books you feel strongly about on websites such as Amazon, Goodreads and other book selling platforms. You see, reviews are the life blood of authors, especially for us in the indie community. When you buy a book, it’s a bit like purchasing a pig in a poke. The star rating is one of the first things someone notices while browsing. A review is a bit like a match-making service, pairing readers with books they will like and warning them to steer clear of books they won’t.

But we indies need reviews for another reason. Marketing. Because there is no gate keeper we have room to be creative and daring. To be risk takers who can write the things traditional publishers might shy away from because it’s not a proven money maker. But by removing the ceiling, we’ve also taken away the floor and digital book stores get flooded with works that aren’t exactly high caliber. When the sublime mixes with the amateurish, reviews and ratings are the quality control. A currency of legitimacy if you will that separates a “real” writer from someone’s badly written quick cash grab.

Since indie authors don’t have a major marketing machine behind us, our popularity is built reader by hard won reader. We have to put our books in the spotlight because no one is going to do it for us. The best way to do that is to purchase ads in newsletters geared to readers like you. A lot of the better mailing lists have high subscriber counts because they only want to promote quality work, and they measure quality by reader reviews. It’s not just the overall star rating. The number counts too. A book needs to meet a minimum threshold of reviews before most reputable marketing services will even consider our work. The review count means that there is an audience for the book and the reader cared enough to write a few words about their experience. Just like us, they want to bring their audience something of value.

Getting reviews is hard. Even a small number is more difficult to get than you might think. Perhaps 1% of readers will review. That’s one in every hundred copy sold. Each time you leave a review, from the least known indie to the big name author whose every book is destined to chart on New York Times and USA Today, you help us grow our audience. You make it so that we can bring you the stories that you love.

Please, if you are moved, disgusted or left cold tell the world by leaving a review. The author will thank you for it.

Manga Read Along: Red River Vol. 12 – Rage Scream

Spoilers! Spoilers! Oh my stars and garters, there are spoilers! And you can see past read along commentaries here.

This is the uncomfortable volume that I’ve been dreading revisiting since I started this feature. I remember thinking ‘what the hell’ when I originally read it but now my reaction is ‘WHAT THE HELL!’ If the other volumes were like a spritzing of some celebrity’s branded perfume, this one is like taking a blast of a skunk’s backside to the face.

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I Cracked the Top 10 List for Free Fantasy Romance!

I hit the top 10This is unexpected! Last year I launched Flower Among the Ashes, a unique little fantasy romance. It preformed respectably for a book from a no-name author that didn’t rely on a lot of the popular romance tropes like vampires and shifters. I can confidently say that this is the only romance I am aware of that has sexy ogres! The people who did read it seemed to like it. Today, I cracked the top 10 on the competitive Free Fantasy & Futuristic Romance list at the Amazon Kindle Store.

I’m crying happy tears. My work is in the hands of a mind boggling number of people. Well, now that I’ve basked in a moment of glory I’ll be getting back to my vacation.


Fantasy Romance Backlist on Sale

Last week I released the fourth novel in my sweeping fantasy romance The Tales of Remnas series, Flower on the River. It’s filled with elves, ogres, omens and heroes.

To celebrate my growing backlist, I am putting the first three books in the series on sale in the Kindle Store.

The first novel, Flower Among the Ashes, will be free through Friday 9/8/17.

Flower in the Gale is marked down to $0.99 and When the Crow Smiles is $1.99 until Sunday 9/10/17.