Cutlass! Cover, Blurb and Release Date Reveal

New release date July 1st, 2018. We are blasting off into the uncharted depths of space a month ahead of schedule.

cutlass ebook final


Their names are feared across the cosmos

Ryssa Starlight once loved Johnny Brash, the most infamous space pirate captain in the universe, until he went soft and sold out. Not content to trade on his notorious reputation in the pursuit of wealth, Ryssa struck out on her own to give her ex-lover a run for his money when it came to being the most wanted pirate to terrorize space. Now she has her own ship, the Cutlass, a loyal crew, and has made a name for herself by conducting daring and profitable raids against the two intergalactic empires out to conquer independent space.

Ryssa gets the chance of a lifetime when a star map leading to the ultimate prize comes into her possession. With a ship from an ancient, advanced civilization up for grabs, whoever reaches it first and claims the Lost Technology will control the fate of the galaxies. But taking on the mission means teaming up with Brash. Unable to trust his intentions or her own unresolved emotions that still burn as hot as rocket fuel, Ryssa and Brash blast off to the furthest reaches of the unknown.

Brash never forgot Ryssa or the passionate love they once shared. He’s as determined to claim Captain Starlight for his own as he is to capture the ship. But before he can convince her that she belongs with him, they’ll have to battle dangerous aliens, cunning traitors, and the evil Space Vampires looking to jump their claim in this sexy, steamy, and romantic science fiction adventure.


The Tales of Remnas Stepladder Flash Sale

First-Three-Remnas-Books-AdI’m having a stepladder flash sale on the Tales of Remnas series to celebrate last month’s release of Wisdom of Fools and this month’s release of The Sizzle of Lightning. What is a stepladder sale? Glad you asked!

I’ve discounted the prices of the first four books with each one getting a little more expensive as you go. Book one is free (this is the last weekend it will be so), book two is $0.99, book three is $1.99 and book four is $2.99. Yes, this is the first time Flower on the River has been discounted at all retailers. All books will revert to their normal $3.99 prices on Monday.

Series Page at Amazon USA

Series Page at Amazon UK

Sizzle, being a prequel novella, and Amazon hating to attach anything that falls outside your main continuity to a series page, can be found here at its on special listing.



A Guerilla Release and Other Announcements

Hey Cool Cats,

I’m poking my head up to give you all a couple of updates and then I’m putting my nose back to the grind stone as I get ready for Cutlass!: A Sci-Fi Space Pirate Romance’s big July debut.

First, I have a new release announcement. Well, it’s not really new. Earlier this year I wrote a Tales of Remnas novella called The Sizzle of Lightning to give as a gift to my newsletter subscribers. After three months of exclusivity, I decided it was time to do a general release for people who want it, but don’t want me cluttering their inboxes every month. I have it up for pre-order at all the major retailers with a go live date of 6/5/18. Please support the official release.

Purchase The Sizzle of Lightning at Amazon

Second, I got my proof copy for The Wisdom of Fools in the mail a few days ago and I’m satisfied with how everything looks. I’ve approved it and it will start hitting stores shortly.

Third, in February I started offering Flower Among the Ashes, the first book in my romantic high fantasy epic as a free book at all retailers. After four months of using this strategy, mostly as a way to break into the non-Amazon retailers after I went wide, I have decided, for various reasons, that it’s time to return FatA to paid status. I’m gearing up for last big marketing push but sometime in mid-June, I’ll be changing the price. Please pick it up at your favorite retailer (Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, Google Play) if you haven’t already.

Last, aside from Google Play, I’ve been using Smashwords as a central hub with which to distribute my books to all the big non-Amazon players. After getting some experience with formatting different types of ebook files, I have decided that I want to go directly to the Kobo store and not publish through an intermediary. Over the next weeks, I will be slowly pulling my books off of Smashwords and republishing directly with Kobo, starting with The Forest God’s Bride.

Hopefully it will be a seamless process and my books won’t be out of circulation at Kobo for more than 72 hours. iBooks, Barnes and Noble and any store I use Smashwords to reach will not be effected by this decision.


Yet Another Blog (Semi) Hiatus

Well, that didn’t last long. I’m swamped because I’ve decided to go to press with Cutlass! earlier than its previously announced July 31st release date. Since I’m putting everything into bringing it to you sooner than expected, that means that I don’t have any time for regular blogging.

Until further notice, I’ll be posting drips and drabs here and there but I’m not going to even pretend that a three-time weekly schedule is feasible right now.

Dining in Memphis – Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

Welcome to the second installment in Dining in Memphis, my article series were I visit local restaurants and show you my lunch. Hopefully, this will help you expand your dining repertoire by introducing you to some of the best places to eat in the greater Memphis area. Today I’ll be talking about what might be the best Mexican restaurant in town. Las Tortugas is a winning combination of delicious flavors and artful presentation. I try to go at least once a week.


The quesadilla is happy to see you!


Las Tortugas is a hidden gem of a place. Owned by what might be the world’s second most interesting man, Las Tortugas bills itself as an authentic taqueria, same as you might find in Mexico City. Their main staple is a collection of delicious items that can be served as soft-shelled tacos or as tortuga sandwiches. These can be pricey but each meal is definitely large enough to feed two people so you may want to bring a friend.

This artfully arranged chicken tinga on a tostada is almost too beautiful to eat


The original location is in Germantown and sits humbly at the end of a strip mall. It’s second location is at Kirby and Poplar Ave. The menu at each location is a little different. They have a couple of specials at the Germantown restaurant that you can’t get at Kirby and vice versa. I prefer the Germantown location because of their enchiladas and crab tortuga sandwich. Other people swear by the crab soup at Kirby but I found this too heavy on the cilantro.

I’ve found that the true star of the restaurant is the more moderately priced (under $10) ‘little plates’. These includes the best pork tamales I have ever eaten. I can’t eat tamales anywhere else now because they taste like garbage compared to what comes out of the Las Tortugas kitchen. They also have a tasty chicken tinga and quesadillas, but the must have item that I always get when I go is the queso fundido, melted, stretchy cheese served with avocados and chorizo sausage that you put in a tortilla and eat.


Queso Fundido with all the garnish



Manga Read Along: Tail of the Moon Vol. 10 – Naked Ninjas

I’m back, but probably not for long. I’ve just come off the release of my sixth novel, which took far too long to produce, and I need to put my nose to the grindstone and step up to get my next book, Cutlass!: A Sci-Fi Space Pirate Romance out there if I’m going to keep to the publication schedule I set in my head for the year. But I’ll keep blogging until it becomes too much again because I know you’re dying to know what happens next to Usagi Not-Yobimjo, the most incompetent ninja there ever was.

As always spoilers. Earlier read alongs are collected in the archive for easy navigation.

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The Wisdom of Fools Out Now

I made it through yet another new release. You’ve all been waiting for the Wisdom of Fools, the first Tales of Remnas novel in nine months. I’ve been spending the time making this fifth installment in my high fantasy romance series as good (and as sexy) as can be and I think you’re patience will be rewarded.

I am live at all stores:




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Barnes and Noble

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